Commercial EPC Surveys

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Commercial Energy Performance Certificates, otherwise known as Non-Domestic EPC'S.

Have been a legal requirement for any commercial property since 2008. All commercial property marked for rent, for sale or newly constructed must have an EPC rating.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates allow new tenants or buyers the chance to compare overall running costs, for such things as heating, lighting.

When considering the rent or purchase of large industrial buildings or offices, the difference in costs on a like for like building can run into £1000s of pounds on a monthly basis.

The EPC Survey will offer guidance on improving operational costs and energy efficiency, allowing for carbon emission offsetting and cheaper operational costs.

In Northern Ireland the Department of Finance is in charge of enforcement for commercial energy performance certificates!

If an EPC is requested and not supplied upon request this may result in a fine from an enforcement officer.

New build Commercial EPC'S?

Here at EPC Belfast we calculate new build commercial EPC's from plans, this is maybe checked again once the property has been constructed at random by building control.

What is the main difference between a residential & commercial EPC?

Completing a commercial EPC is more complex than a standard domestic EPC. This takes much more time and indepth calculations to factor in overall.

Did you know you can book your Commercial EPC online, or over the phone.

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